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In these difficult times, we are taking extra precautions

We continue to monitor COVID-19 so that we can make sure you and your pets safety are taken seriously. In an effort to keep our pets healthy and safe, we are working in new ways meet those needs.

Social distancing is important and we all can do our part. Please make sure to wear your mask and keep 6 feet apart from others.   Payments we prefer Credit Card or Venmo.

What you need to know about

COVID-19 and your pets.

  • There are many different types of corona viruses that exist in nature. COVID-19 is a single type of corona virus that is spread from person to person but does not affect your pets. 

  • The CDC, WHO and OIE agree currently that pets cannot spread COVID-19 to other animals or people.

  • As always, practice good hygiene by washing your hands with soap and water after playing with or handling your pets. 

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