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We started this outreach program in hopes to help stop the over population of animals in the shelters.  In helping owners at the beginning, when they may feel that they need to surrender their furry friend, at the sense of helplessness, not knowing what resources are out there, and education.


We want pet owners to know that there is help out there, and hope that we can do all that we can to help keep their loved animals out of the shelters.  We know that there sometimes isn't another alternative, we are hoping to help those in need and give them a sense of relief and hope.


We assist struggling families and the homeless in the East Bay and surrounding Counties with dog and cat food. Often times we find that those families need a bit more for their Furry Friend(s). They often need new bedding, leashes, collars, clothing ect.


Sometimes they may need their shots and/or need to be spayed or neutered. We offer multiple services to these families so that they don't feel that they need to give up their loved one to the shelter.


We offer low cost spay and neuter services. We also provide information about low income options, especially for pit bulls and chihuahuas which are so readily available and accessible in the east bay.


Information and education is also provided on proper basic medical care such as vaccinations, microchips, and where low cost options exist near by. 

We are involved in the community and love going to classrooms to teach kids about animal care, handling, and spay and neuter.

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