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Every pet requires time and attention.  You will need to give your new fur-member exercise, training, daily meals.  Make sure that you have enough time in your daily schedule to devote to your new pet.  We aim to adopt kittens in pairs which is best for their development.  It helps them to learn proper play with their sibling or the properly paired current resident cat in your home.  This also keeps them from getting board while you are away. (This is cats only.  Dogs are not to be adopted with their siblings)

Dog Lover


Everyone has their own personalities and so do pets.  We try to match you up with a pet that is best suited for your lifestyle such as a hiking buddy, jogging, walking, couch potato, snuggler.  All of our adoptable pets are in foster homes to be able to evaluate their temperament to the best we can to help be the best match maker we can be

Petting a White Cat


Adoption is a lifelong commitment.  

Each pets life expectancy is different.  A cat can live from 15-20 years depending on the health and breed and your lifestyle.  A dog can live anywhere from  10-20 years, again depending on your lifestyle, their breed and health.

Do you plan on moving?  Can you take your pet with you?  Make sure that all of this is considered prior to adoption.  Giving up your pet due to a move should never be an option.

Girl with Dogs


Caring for a pet cost money on a monthly basis.  Preventatives such as flea and heartworm treatment are needed every month along with food.  Basic medical check ups are needed yearly as well.   The average cost for caring for a pet can be up to $1000 yearly.  

You need to make sure you pet has training classes, enrichment toys, leashes, collars, bedding, crates, bowls ect.

Veterinarian with Dog


Bringing a new pet into the home is a family decision.  Do not gift a pet to someone without their knowledge, it may not be what they are looking for.

Does anyone in the home have allergies?  All pets have dander, it just depends on how much they shed it.  Reducing the dander by regular professional grooming will be helpful.

All pets are to live as members of the household inside and not be segregated to a garage or outside.

Always have a back up plan for vacations and emergencies.  Make sure you find a great pet sitter in your are or local boarding facility.

Young Family with Pet Dog
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