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Training for your Furry Friend



The first 1-on-1 session is a consultation and training session with you,  your dog and a trainer. 




  • Walk calmly on a leash

  • Sit and stay for as long as you want

  • Come to you when called

  • Focus and pay attention when asked

  • Recognize his or her boundaries

  • Become an integral part of your family




SIRIUS® is the original puppy school. Dr. Ian Dunbar created and taught the world's very first puppy class in the San Francisco Bay Area over 30 years ago. 


SIRIUS Puppy Training Classes literally redefined and revolutionized pet dog training. In fact, SIRIUS created the field of pet dog training. Before SIRIUS, there simply were no family-friendly puppy classes designed for companion dogs, virtually no reward-based classes, and not much fun in dog training... 



Education is very important for furry friend owners.  


We want to thank Meryl Cohen for all of this information.  A little about Meryl Cohen:


She has her B.S. in Animal Science from Cal Poly State University San Luis Obispo, CA. She is also a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, am an AKC Canine Good Citizen Certified Evaluator, and was selected as a mentor trainer for the American Behavior College.


Having had the opportunity to work as the on-staff behaviorist for the Humane Society for Greater Savannah, GA where she set up standardized temperament testing systems, kennel enrichment programs designed to reduce the need for euthanasia, and provided adopters with post-adoption support.  Meryl was also the adoption coordinator for CHAKO Pit Bull Rescue as well. She has also had a very successful horse training and showing career.  


Please click on the links below to get some more information on how to use training tools, socialize, house train, introduce dogs and how to crate train.


Training Tools


Crate Training




House Training


Introduction to other Dogs



Meryl Cohen

B.S. Animal Science

AKC CGC Certified Evaluator, Selected Mentor Trainer for Animal Behavior College, APDT Full Member

Bully Bark Pit Bull Training and Advocacy Co-Founder







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