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Wellness and Vaccine Services

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We want to make it easy for the community to easily book appointments for their pets to come in for an affordable Wellness and Vaccine Services. .

  • Due to limited availability for Wellness and Vaccine appointments, we require a $10 non-refundable; non-transferable deposit for each pet.

  • The deposit is due at the time of booking your appointment.

  • Deposits will be NOT refunded for no shows or missed appointments.

Prices are subjected to change.


Yawning Cat

Rabies $15

Required by Law by 4 mo of age.  Boostered at 1 year then every 3 years

Image by Karina Vorozheeva


The FVRCP vaccine protects against 3 common and highly contagious viral upper respiratory infections:

  • Feline Herpesvirus

  • Feline Calicivirus

  • Feline Panleukopenia Virus

What do Core Vaccines protect against?


Rabies Vaccine


After coming in contact with the virus, the bitten animal may go through one or all of several stages. With most animals, the virus will spread through the nerves of the bitten animal towards the brain. The virus is relatively slow moving and the average time of incubation from exposure to brain involvement is between  2 to 6 weeks in cats, and 3 to 6 weeks in people. However, incubation periods as long as 6 months in dogs and 12 months in people have been reported. After the virus reaches the brain it then will move to the salivary glands where it can be spread through a bite. After the virus reaches the brain the animal will show one, two, or all of the three different phases. (Prodromal, Furious, Paralytic/Dumb)


CA Law states that cats 4mo and older need to be vaccinated for Rabies.



FVRCP Vaccine protects against 3 viruses 


  • FVR - feline herpes virus type I (rhinotracheitis)

    • A viral infectious respiratory disease caused by feline herpesvirus type 1. This virus is an extremely common cause of respiratory disease and often results in chronic, often life-long, infection with intermittent recurrences causing respiratory and sometimes eye disease. It is spread easily through airborne respiratory secretions and direct contact with a carrier cat or contaminated objects. Un-vaccinated cats are most susceptible as well as the very young and the very old.

  • C - Calici virus

    • A common viral infectious respiratory disease, can also cause mouth sores resulting in severe oral pain. Spread by direct contact with an infected cat or by contact with contaminated objects. The virus is very resistant to disinfectants and persists in the environment. Un-vaccinated and inadequately vaccinated cats of all ages are at risk.

  • P - Panleukopenia (feline distemper)

    • A severe, highly infectious and sometimes fatal disease of the gastrointestinal tract, the immune system and the nervous system. The disease is named for the characteristic severe decrease in white blood cells, the body’s defense against disease. The virus is very persistent in the environment. This virus spreads by direct contact with infected cats or by contact with viral particles in the environment. Un-vaccinated and inadequately vaccinated cats of all ages are at risk.


Kittens must be vaccinated every month until they’re 4 months old. Cats need to be vaccinated again when they are 1 year old, then they need to be vaccinated every 3 years.

Black and White Kitten

Giardia Test $40

Many cats/kittens living outside drinking dirty water get parasites.  We can do a quick fecal test to determine what they have.

Cuddling Cats


A simple desktop blood test that tests for two feline viruses, FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus) and FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus). FeLV and FIV are transmitted by close contact with other cats.


Additional Services

Cats on the Street

Microchip $20

A microchip is a small, permanent identification chip about the size of a grain of rice. If your pet gets lost and is taken to an animal shelter or veterinary clinic, a microchip can help reunite you with your lost pet.  We register it for free for you.

Vet Holding Cat

Deworming $10

Puppies should be given roundworm de-wormer every 2-4 weeks . Adult dogs should receive year-round broad-spectrum parasite control with efficacy against roundworms.

Tapeworms normally only need one treatment, but in some cases will need to be repeated, based on the veterinarians recommendation.

Cat Stretching on Sheets

Nail Trim $15

We trim you r pets nails as short as possible without hurting them and if needed.  Added restraint is an additional $20 charge

Caressing a Cat

Flea Treatment $20

In addition to the protection it provides against fleas and heartworms, REVOLUTION treats and controls roundworm infections, hookworm infections and ear mite infestations. Many cat owners may not even realize that their cats are at risk from these parasites.

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