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Goliath's Journey Angel Fund

Goliath was diagnosed with Lymphoma in May 2015.  Where in he started a FaceBook Page, Goliath's Journey which showed is daily outings living life to the fullest.


Some of his acomplishments 


2012-2015 Smart Dawg University Graduate

June 3, 2015 - Dog Ambassador of the Day
2014 - Bark in the Park - Sit and Stay Competition
2014 - Most Creative Costume Contest - Antioch Animal Services
2015- CGC Graduate
2015- Humane Educator with Furry Friends Food Relief Program


Goliath lost his battle with Lymphoma 5 months after his diagnosis.


We know that many cannot afford to pay for EOL (end of life) services, and may have to choose for the "cheaper" option, which may include not having their pet return home.

We at Furry Friends want to be able to help those that have to say goodbye to their loved ones with some of the financial hardship that comes along with. Just the cremation services alone can be about $100 not to mention if the family wants their furry friend to come back home, add on to that a paw print or a engraving on the urn. Everything adds up.  


Donating to this fund will help bring some ease to families in such a difficult time.

Some of the Furry Friends that

Goliath has helped

We got Faith from Antioch Animal Services back in Aug 2004. We took her home and gave her love til the day she died Sept 2017. She was a brown tabby with calico mix. She had a sweet personality and was friendly to some. Sort of skitzy at times we think due to her previous life before us. She always purred like a motor every time someone walked in the room. She even adjusted well when we brought home Jake a orange tabby who looked like Garfield. She even adjusted with Diva who was the new puppy in the house. Then we got Nikki another GS dog and those two became pals. Faith was an awesome kitty. Forever in our hearts.  - Lisa

My 'Buddy Boy'
Mako (Red Abyssinian)
12/25/2004 ~ 8/17/2017


Norma Jean.  Found herself in a shelter.  Not many people know how to properly care for Bull Dogs.  In Norma Jeans circumstance, she suffered from almost every possible ailment a Bull Dog can acquire.  A sister rescue transferred her to Furry Friends Food Relief.  After a few short weeks in her new foster home the difficulty of breathing (among other things) got the best of her and had to be rushed in to the vet and was put to rest at her young 4 years of life.

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