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This page is dedicated to Furry Friends that have passed on and donated to others in need through our program.   You can donate monetarily to GOLIATH'S JOURNEY ANGEL FUND.  A fund that assists families in need with getting their loved ones returned to them once they have passed on.

Goliath's Journey

Goliath was a rescue from the East Bay SPCA when he was 8 weeks old.  He ended up getting his CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and helped FFFR in educating children on the importance of proper animal care.  He battled Lymphoma the last 6 months of his life and will be dearly missed.  He has a fund set up in his name through FFFR to help those in need that are in financial need with end of life services.  Please consider donating to it, so that families can bring their loved ones home.  Learn more about the  loved ones that he has helped HERE

Elvis and Luciel

Elvis and Lucille were the best of friends and litter mates. Born on February 3, 2003. When I met the litter to pick out my first dog, there were 8 rambunctious puppies playing in a pile. When I looked up Elvis was just staring at me. Calm and focussed. I knew that he had picked me to be his master and friend. He was named for his unique mohawk on his nose. I later heard that his sister Lucille was given to a home that was mistreating her. I then found her tied to a tree with no water or shade. I rescued her and the two were never apart from then on. We lost Elvis suddenly in March of 2017 and then had to end Lucille's suffering December 29th of 2017. They were faithful companions till the end. We owe a great deal of thanks to Erin and the crew at furry friends food relief for there support and help feeding them when I was out of work and a loving shoulder when the hard choice to let them go came. If you need them, don't hesitate to ask. And when you need a four legged friend of your own, look no further than your local shelters or rescue group. You won't find a more loyal companion.

 Pixie, my little dog that I want to donate to FFFR in memory of. She was one of 76 toy poodles rescued back in 2000 from a horrible situation of neglect in Vacaville. When I brought her home she had never had much human contact. She was terrified of everything. She quickly realized that she was safe with us, and that she had a permanent loving home. Pretty soon, Pixie loved going to the groomer and getting all fixed up - bows in her hair and all. She even loved getting dressed up for Halloween, and this photo was taken in 2004 in her "bee" costume. Pixie passed away several years ago, but will always be in our hearts. My donation is in Pixie's memory, and in honor of the deep loving bond with the special animals that we share our lives with.

In memory of my Buddy Boy Mako

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